Steam Coal USA & RSA origin

We are happy to announce that we work direct with mine operator in RSA (South Africa). 
Steam coal laoded Richards Bay. Mine operator is a USA based mining company, who now operate approx 10 mines in South Africa,   They can do FOB and CIF. Contract and payment direct with the miner. Steam coal types RB1 and RB3. Min shipment quantity 70.000 MT. 

We also work directly with a Steam coal miner in USA East Coast. They do FOB (NOLA) New Orleans port. Contract and payment direct with the miner. 
They can supply types BTU 10.900 up to 12.400.  Min shipment quantity 70.000 MT.
The sellers prefer to work directly with the end users.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) & Bonny Light Crude Oil offer

We are happy to announce that we now can offer Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) directly from NNPC (Nigeria). 
Incoterms FOB or CIF ASWP.
Price LNG will be PLATT -/- USD 5 per MMBTU.
Price BLCO will be PLATT -/- USD 6 p MT
NNPC have their own extended fleet. Again the agreement will be directly with the NNPC. 
Do not wait to long because demand is high and supply is not. 

Current Global Energy situation

The energy market changed due to the recent situation in Europe. This has a major impact on everyone in the fuel \ energy chain. From producers to customers.
So even our company needed to play into the new situation and we have made some good steps to still be able to supply our clients . And here we mean for the products like Fossil fuels, coal and biomass products. We invite you to check out the specific pages on our website for more details.

Best procedure Fossil Fuel Russian Origin

We are happy to present to you as buyer 2 of the best and most reliable procedures to purchase Fossil fuel products. Serious buyers are welcome to contacts us. Procedures are strict and refineries do not like to negotiate procedure.

Seller C procedure
Grade: Russian Export Grade

Origin:                       RussianFederation
Contract Term:           12 months minimum (with Rolls and extensions)
Payments Term:          MT103/23, or BG or SBLC
Inspection by:             SGS/CIQ BY BUYER.
    * D6 FUEL OIL (ASTM D5002)
    * JET FUEL A1
    * DIESEL GAS D2 OIL GOST 305-82
    * TS-1 [JET FUEL 54] (GOST STANDARD 10227-86)
    * MAZUT M100 10585/75
    * DIESEL EN590 PPM10

1. Buyer accepts seller working procedure and issue ICPO addressed to the seller refinery.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI), Buyer signs and returns back commercial invoice
and Tank storage 
Agreement (TSA).
3. Seller provide buyer with the below listed PPOP.
    a) Product Passport (product analysis report)
    b) Irrevocable Commitment Letter to Supplier
    c) Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
    d) Tank to Tank Injection Agreement (TTTIA) to be signed by buyer tank farm
4. Seller provides buyer with SGS report, Injection Report, unconditional DTA
5. (NCNDA/IMFPA) will be signed, buyer within 24 hours after successful dip test in seller tanks provide tank Storage receipt (TSR) seller proceeds for Tank to Tank injection and provide buyer with the injection report of the product into buyer tanks.
6. Buyer make payment for total cost of product injected into buyer tanks via MT103, Seller transfer title Ownership to buyer with all exportation documents required of buyer for the transaction.
7. Upon conclusion of first lift transaction seller pays all intermediaries involved in the Transaction and proceeds with the buyer to sign contract.

Seller procedure B:
If all the terms and condition is accepted by the buyer or buyer’s mandate, revert back with buyers ICPO and Acceptance Letter for SCO approval to close the deal.
Products (not limited to):
    * D6 FUEL OIL (ASTM D5002);

1. Buyer issues ICPO, and company registration certificate and data page of buyer’s Passport or any I.D.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract, Commercial Invoice (CI) & Warning Letter, buyer signs and returns back to seller with his TSA.
3. Seller lease and pays the buyer’s tank for 2 days for the Injection Process, Buyer do pay his Tank Farm Company for 3 days after his Tank Farm Company has received the payment from Seller Company.
4. Seller issues DTA and SGS report, buyer conducts Dip test on the product and makes the payment for the total value of product injected into the tanks through the means of MT103- TT.
5. Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the sales and purchase agreement contract between buyer and seller.

Note: No advance payment, No product passport Fee, No transfer of ownership fee, No pipeline transfer fee or any other extra cost including any export charges or port charges at Rotterdam. It’s FOB and therefore it is seller’s responsibility to load the product.

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