Coal products

All living plants store solar energy through a process known as photosynthesis. When plants die, this energy is usually released as the plants decay. Under conditions favorable to coal formation, the decaying process is interrupted, preventing the release of the stored solar energy. The energy is locked into the coal.

High temperatures and pressures caused physical and chemical changes in the vegetation, transforming it into coal.

The degree of change undergone by a coal as it matures from peat to anthracite is known as coalification. Coalification has an important bearing on coal’s physical and chemical properties and is referred to as the ‘rank’ of the coal. Ranking is determined by the degree of transformation of the original plant material to carbon. The ranks of coals, from those with the least carbon to those with the most carbon, are lignite, sub-bituminous, bituminous and anthracite.

Common types of Coal categories are:
* Steam coal – also known as thermal coal – is mainly used in power generation

* Coking coal – also known as metallurgical coal – is mainly used in steel production.

Other important users of coal include alumina refineries, paper manufacturers, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Several chemical products can be produced from the by-products of coal.

We are able to offer direct from the miners several types of Coals. Do check out our list below. Serious buyer will be taken serious. Shoppers and long chains mostly cost a lot of time without any positive outcome.  A LOI from end-buyer with realistic inquiry details will get serious attention

USA Origin (direct from miners)
Steam Coal
* BTU – 12,400 / S – .56 – FOB NOLA Associated Terminals
* BTU – 11,500 / S – 1.29 – FOB NOLA Associated Terminals

* BTU – 10,900 / S – 1.3 – FOB NOLA Associated Terminals
* BTU – 11,400 / S – 3 – FOB NOLA Associated Terminals
Quantity: 70.000 – 100.000 MT
Loading:   NOLA (New Orleans)
Full Analysis is available

Met Coal
* Low Vol
Specification:  Moisture – 6.7 \\ 
Ash – 9.3 \\ Volatile Matter – 18.11
   Fixed Carbon – 65.7 \\ Sulfur – 1.1 \\ BTU – 13,125 \\ FSI – 8.5
   HGI – 93 \\ Caking Index – 86 \\ Vitrinite – 78 \\ CSR – 55
Quantity: 75.000 MT (monthly contract available)
Loading:  Lamberts Point, VA
* Mid Vol
   Specs (on “Dry” basis)
   Moisture – 4.17 (as recvd) \\ Ash – 7.48 \\ Fixed Carbon – 67.31
   Sulfur – .78  \\ Volatility – 25.21
   Quantity: 75.000 – 110.000 MT (monthly contract available)
Loading:  Lamberts Point, VA

* High Vol “A”
Specification:  Moisture – 2.43 \\ Ash – 8.1 \\ Volatile Matter – 32.73
Fixed Carbon – 59.08 \\ Sulfur – 1.6 \\ BTU – \\ FSI – 8.5
   HGI – 47 \\ Vitrinite – 69
Quantity: 75.000 MT (monthly contract available)
Loading:  Lamberts Point, VA
Full Analysis is available

Pet Coke
Offer Sellercode: FSC03/01
Sulphur:     4% or 5%

Quantity:    50.000 MT per month x 3 months with possibility of increasing quantity (subject to availability) for the remaining months for a total of 12 months + Extensions and Roll Over based on mutual agreement.
Loading:    Kinder Morgan bulk loading terminal in Houston, Texas

Offer Sellercode: FSC03/02
Origin:        USA
Loading:     USA Gulf (Houston or Louisiana)
Specs:        PET Coke can be made to meet buyer requirement. Mostly based on Sulfur requirements. Can do typical 5.5% – 8%
Quantity:    50.000 – 70.000 MT per shipload.
Price:         is based upon Sulfur content
Payment:    by LC at sight confirmed
Delivery:     within 20-30 days after payment instrument accepted seller bank 

Anthracite Coal
Place of Origin:               Peru
Application:                    Steel companies, power, others.
Sulphur:                        1 % Max.
Ash:                              8% Max.
Volatility:                       4% Max.
Fix carbon:                    80% Min.
Kcal:                             6200 Min. – 6800 Max.
Moisture:                       6% Max.
Size:                             1 >25 mm
Note:                            This is approximate, SGS report will be presented.
Coal availability:             30.000 MT monthly

Packing:                        bulk
Delivery:                       in 4 weeks approx
Shipments:                   by break bulk vessels
Price:                           upon request
Payment:                      by confirmed L/C at sight payable against SGS analysis and export docs
Inspection:                   SGS or similar, at Seller’s cost
Freight charges:           Freight is collect, payable in destination port
Photos:                       Available

Steam Coal
We source steam coal with low to high Caloric value direct from miners in several countries from the world.  Based upon detailed buyer specs we will source the best supplier who meets the specs and at the market best possible price at that moment.