Fossil Fuel

This fast moving commodity relies on seriousness from both buyer and seller. With the global changes beginning 2022, the market also changed very much. This forced us to make changes to our supply and assure that we can provide our clients best alternatives with assured supply guarantee. Sellers also are now more strict in their procedures and they are selecting clients based upon their reputaion and seriousness. Any inquiry to be taken serious by our staff will need to come with a LOI from the end-buyer. The LOI must be complete and also have buyer target price.

Our suppliers are refineries \ title holders or direct sales mandates of the refineries. We can offer the following products (but not limited to) from Oman \ UAE \Russia and former Russian Republics:

* Kerosine JP54 & JPA1
* Diesel D6 Virgin Fuel Oil
* Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (EN590 10PPM)
* Diesel D2 Fuel Oil (GOST 305-82)
* Gasoline RON90\ RON92
* ESPO Crude Oil
* Light Cycle Oil
* Mazut M100 10585/75
* Urea (prilled and granular)

Depending on the County of Origin \ Seller we can offer both FOB & CIF.